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More on Morgan's Hydrogen-Powered LIFECar

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Earlier this year, we reported on sports-car builder Morgan's work toward building a hydrogen-powered take on its famed roadsters. Now, we've got an image to match the concept. The result is the LIFECar, a one-seater based on the Morgan Aero Eight, which employs a fuel cell powering four electric motors, one at each drive wheel. Of course, half the fun of a Morgan is the possibility of being flung over the elbow-height doors and into a tree during a particularly heinous country curve. (We're pretty sure the driver of a multimillion-dollar LIFECar may not enjoy that degree of uncertainty.) Still, if the company's timeline is correct, it may have one of the first hydrogen cars in production.


LIFECar project promises an efficient high performance fuel cell sports car within three years [Gizmag]

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