I had the opportunity to head over to Chicago for the weekend for a little bit of work and a little bit of pleasure. The little bit of work included spotting the following lampost already sporting a sign (sponsored by ToMoCo haulers) for the big truck auto show here in the windy city. Expect to be coming back here throughout the first full week of February as Jalopnik heads to the land of Bears, brats and bitingly cold wind for the February 7th - 9th press days. So whether you drop the tag-site into your favorites bar above or the RSS feed into your fave reader, you'll be able to take in your full share of would-be hotness coming from all of the automakers at the same time as we're taking in our full share of UNO's deep dish and polish sausage. Somehow we think you'll be getting a little less heartburn โ€” although if we end up seeing a "Hi, I'm Dave" front-end on the 2008 Ford Freestyle, maybe you'll be feeling the same level of Maalox-inducing acid indigestion.


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