More Ford Parking Dumbassitude

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So we just got an e-mail from a guy who works as a contractor for Ford and reports that the "Ford Only" parking situation has spread at the Rouge complex beyond Dearborn Truck, proving that the Great Leap Forward is leaping forward at a goodly clip. Good onya, Mao Willie Clay! Keep the spirits of the proletariat high! It's Red, it's White, it's freakin' bold! Read our anonymous lamenter's lament after the jump.

"More Plants at Ford Motor company. Including at least 2 more in the Rouge complex will be forcing non Ford drivers to park in a different parking lot. They are aiming for the middle of February. So not only do I have to deal with ribbing once in a while for what I spend my own money on, but now I get the added risk of getting my car keyed or assaulted in the union parking lot. Thanks a lot Ford for paying attention to what I drive instead of what I do for the company. Did I mention I'm not even a Ford employee and not allowed to work overtime which everyone scams? I'll just run out and make a 7-10 year investment buying something I don't even like so it will make people here warm and fuzzy for the 2 years I'm at this building. I make half the money the guys on the floor do. If i got handed the kind of money they do I'd feel guilty enough to drive a Ford because I work here too! Nice job Billy! Your "Way Forward" and lack of control for this cowboy union mentality is going be looking for a replacment for resume is out there and I'm gone the first chance I get. You bet your ass my name will be on the first class action lawsuit against Ford for discrimination. Those license plate holders that say I work for Ford I drive a Ford sound more like a excuse instead of a point of pride. How bout..Work for Ford, Drive a Ford, or we'll kill you! That's got a nice ring to it."


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