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Long before the production snafus, bitter relations with Belfast over losing 80 million of the public's money, the hail-mary cocaine deal gone tits up, and the "Back to the Future" resurgence, John Z. Delorean's car company was just a series of sketches on looseleaf paper. Now, a year after Coach Z's death at 80, many of those papers — obtained in Delorean's bankruptcy filings in the 1980s — are finding their way to eBay. This time, it's the "Sedan" file — ideas for a car that was never to be — which includes such treasures as a Telex communique from Giorgetto Giugiaro, which bears Z's personal date stamp. It's not quite the Leicester Codex, but for fans of the ill-fated gullwing coupe the file's significance is inestimable. To society at large, it's at least like like finding a few test-kitchen files from the failed development of Blueberry Cocoa Puffs. [Gallery]

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