More 'Cars' News Revealed

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Let us go on record right now as being massive fans of Pixar films. While we're generally not huge on CGI, the way the Emeryville-based company (employer of Jay Ward, co-founder of Billetproof and main man behind the Asphalt Invitational) scripts their films, as well as the visual feel of the movies themselves really create a sense of filmic wonder in even the most jaded of aging post-hipsters (i.e., us). We just found some tidbits on Pixar's nearly-year-away feature Cars, and it sounds like it's shaping up to be a doozy. Tom and Ray Magliozzi of Car Talk fame will appear as Clink and Clunk, while R. Lee Ermey (Private Pyle! What is your major malfunction?!), shares a garage with George Carliln as an Army Jeep and a VW Microbus, respectively (and naturally). God, we hate to sound all Jackie Harvey about it, but it sounds like this could really be Pixar's best yet.


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