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Yesterday, after exaMining the new Dodge Charger Daytona R/T, we were inspired to seek out the other "Impact" colors the Dodge boys painted their muscle cars in the late 1960s. (After a little research, we found that "Grabber Green" was actually a Mustang color, sorry for the mistake Ford guys). The rest, however are pretty boss in their own right. [Update: KidDigIt found a color chart!]

We managed to uncover an original color chart for Mopar's 1969 colors, but, as it turns out, most of the "High Impact" colors were offered on Dodge's 1970 models. We can't imagine how many tabs of brown acid were dropped by marketing executives at HQ during product development, but we'd estimate it was in the hundreds.

Mopar s 1970 model year High Impact exterior colors:
(option code - Dodge/Chrysler-Plymouth)

FC7 - Plum Crazy Metallic/In Violet Metallic (nicknamed Statutory Grape )
FJ5 - Sublime/Lime Light
FJ6 - Green Go/Sassy Grass Green
EK2 - Go Mango/Vitamin "C" Orange
FM3 - Panther Pink/Moulon Rouge
V2 - Hemi Orange/Tor Red
FY1 - Top Banana/Lemon Twist.


If anyone can point us to an actual 1970 color chart, we'd be your best friends. [Yes!]

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