Mopar Cooking Up Six Special Jeeps For 'Easter Safari' In Moab

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The Easter Jeep Safari is a nine-day off-road event that goes down every April in America's off-road capital of Moab, Utah. This year Jeep will bring six "concept vehicles" modified by Mopar to show off what their SUVs are capable of.

So far Mopar has released teaser images of the Jeep Cherokee Dakar and Jeep Wrangler MOJO slated to head west for the Safari, running from April 12 to the 20th this year. No performance or parts information to be had yet, but it looks like the Wrangler's wearing a winch, rock sliders and enormous tires while the KL Cherokee looks seriously lifted.


I'm sure fans of the XJ's successor will be keen to see what kind of off-road chops Mopar can get out of the new Cherokee after seeing how much trouble independent shops were having getting them lifted.

Chrysler says we'll hear more about their plans for the Easter Safari next week; last year they showed up with a lightweight Wrangler and a beefy Grand Cherokee.

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