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Monday! Monday! Monday! CHRR Funny Cars!

Illustration for article titled Monday! Monday! Monday! CHRR Funny Cars!

The mayhem that was the Chicago-style Nostalgia Funny Car battle at the California Hot Rod Reunion wrapped yesterday with Bucky Austin driving his 1977 Mitsubishi Lancer Celeste Plymouth Arrow-bodied Funny Car to the king of the hill spot. The struggle to the finish was as heavy in the pits as it was on the track, as crews blew apart what was left of engines to repair damage from the horrors of nitro in time for the next round. Out of nineteen cars entered only one could trip the win light in the end. Vegas, Mustangs, and Firebirds all eventually fell victim to the power of Plymouth.


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Hey now, fine pics. What do you say about giving this fellow Bumbeck a pictorial. His shots say a 1000 words. Nice work.