Mom Of The Year Tosses Infant Into SUV To Avoid Reposession

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Classy-lady Crystal Gardner rushed from her Dallas home as a repo man was recovering her Ford Expedition. Thinking quickly, she tossed her 1-year-old infant into the back seat through the window before a 15-year-old associate came out with a shotgun.

On Monday, repo man Luke Ross set about the business of repossessing a 2001 Ford Expedition owned by Miss Gardner. He was pulling out of the driveway when she ran out of her home and tossed her 1-year old child through the open back window into the back seat as means to prevent the repo. It's illegal to repossess a vehicle with an occupant inside in Texas, so Ross put the truck in park and got out. As he was doing so, 15-year-old Jessie Reyna also stepped out of the house with a 12-gauge shotgun and fired into the air and then at Ross, inflicting a minor injury at the ankle.


Gardner and Reyna are now in custody facing aggravated assault charges with Gardner also facing charges of child endangerment. Thankfully, Child Protective Services is also looking into the matter. [Dallas News]

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It's Monday morning and I'm smoking my meth,

with my 15 year old cousin and boyfriend named Jess.

I look out the window and drop my PBR,

I can hardly believe they're towing my car.

I grab my baby by the hair and run out the door,

wearing only a t-shirt like a 2 dollar whore.

Oh my God he's pulling away,

I'll use my baby to save the day!

I toss my baby by the feet,

and I'm amazed he lands on the seat.

That'll show you Mr. Towing Man,

where did I put my PBR can?

Here comes Jessie with the shotty,

luckily he can't hit nobody.

He's shoots the towing man in the leg,

then trips over an empty keg.

Now we're going to jail,

and we'll never make bail.

And thus ends this story of white trash glory.