Mohammed Al-Fayed's Daughter Drove A Leopard Mini With A Skull Shifter

That's what you do if your dad owns the Ritz Hotel in Paris and used to own the world’s best department store in London, too.

Egyptian businessman Mohammed Al-Fayed has two daughters, and my money is on fashion entrepreneur Camilla Al-Fayed as the previous owner of this car, which was auctioned off by Bonhams at the 73rd Goodwood Members’ Meeting.


The 1989 Mini Rose ‘Leopard’ Saloon sold for £5,750, which means even I could own it.

Here's what Bonhams has to say on its history:

The car is a limited edition Mini Rose, 500 of which were made in 1989, previously forming part of the collection of Mohammed Al-Fayed. The Mini was painted in its leopard skin livery at the Barrow Green Court workshop in 1999 for one of Mr Al-Fayed’s daughters.

A few Cooper bits aside, it’s a completely stock 998cc Mini, but the Al-Fayed girl also spiced up its interior with a badass skull shifter:


Driving in heavy traffic in Knightsbridge around Harrods, saving those manuals one at the time!

For more pictures and history, head over to Bonhams.

Photo credit: Bonhams


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