That's what you do if your dad owns the Ritz Hotel in Paris and used to own the world’s best department store in London, too.

Egyptian businessman Mohammed Al-Fayed has two daughters, and my money is on fashion entrepreneur Camilla Al-Fayed as the previous owner of this car, which was auctioned off by Bonhams at the 73rd Goodwood Members’ Meeting.

The 1989 Mini Rose ‘Leopard’ Saloon sold for £5,750, which means even I could own it.

Here's what Bonhams has to say on its history:

The car is a limited edition Mini Rose, 500 of which were made in 1989, previously forming part of the collection of Mohammed Al-Fayed. The Mini was painted in its leopard skin livery at the Barrow Green Court workshop in 1999 for one of Mr Al-Fayed’s daughters.


A few Cooper bits aside, it’s a completely stock 998cc Mini, but the Al-Fayed girl also spiced up its interior with a badass skull shifter:

Driving in heavy traffic in Knightsbridge around Harrods, saving those manuals one at the time!


For more pictures and history, head over to Bonhams.

Photo credit: Bonhams


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