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Mo' Motion: Big Bucks Baldwin Camaros

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So after reading on CNN that the new Baldwin-Motion Camaros will sell for $427,000, we just about made like a newborn in his Luvs (whoa! A Jeremy Clarkson d ppelganger just walked past us!) But reading that the car will actually feature no body panel left untouched and that Mike Staveski of Time Machines, Inc. is involved, we're beginning to think the damn things might be worth the ducats. Staveski, of course, is famous for dropping EFI'd 426 Hemis and Viper V-10s into Mopar E-bodies. But the best, most honorable project he's taken on in our eyes didn't even involve a Mopar. The man restored the Lane Meyer Camaro.


Featuring engines built by internal combustion guru Bill Mitchell and styled by young Kris Horton, we find the new Baldwin-Motion cars to be a bit cartoony for our tastes. With the names involved the performance potential of these vehicles pretty much stands unquestioned, but if we were droppin' that much coin on a Camaro, we'd want something that instantly speaks of our inherent badassness, rather than our general assholiness. After all, our blog takes care of the latter.


Official Baldwin-Motion

New Baldwin-Motion Camaro Update [Internal]

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