Mo' Money, Mo' Power: Steeda Boosts The Ford Mustang GT500 To 600 Hp!

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Why is it that Mustang-lovers keep looking at dropping even more horses underneath the hood of the Shelby GT500? What, is 500 hp just not enough for you? We guess not — which is why the Mustang-tuners at Steeda are letting you drop off your GT500 and in return you'll get a brand new 'stang ready to play in the pony car wars — the Steeda Ford Mustang GT500. Your newly tuned GT500 gets a performance boost from the "base" 500 slapped together by the SVT team to a whopping 600 horses via a Pro-Flow cold air intake and some ECU tuning par excellence. In addition, they've added their very own 13" rear brake upgrade kit and 14" slotted front rotors and upgraded pads. They've also made some suspension modifications on both the back and the front of your new beast. Combine it all together, slap a just-under-$14,000 price tag on the modifications, and you've got a fun little toy to play with before you Mustang-mad folks get bit by the little snake FoMoCo releases next. Full release after the jump.

New Ford Mustang GT500 by Steeda

Over 600hp and uncompromised handling

Steeda Autosports President Dario Orlando chose the 2007 Camp Steeda / SVT Owners Association Open Track Event at the famed Sebring International Raceway for the world debut of the new Steeda GT500.

Steeda Autosports took the fine platform that Ford Motor Company's SVT Team developed and performed that special Steeda magic to further transform the stallion into an all out performance vehicle - perfect for the discerning performance enthusiast who wants only the very best in engineering and performance.

Not wanting to rest on their laurels, the Steeda Engineering Team took the GT500 to the "Ultimate Level" by using their sophisticated CAD/CAM engineering modeling intelligence, rapid design, and in-house manufacturing capabilities to deliver a completed vehicle worthy of the name: The Steeda GT500.

With powerful engine upgrades and the most extensive suspension upgrades available, the Steeda GT500 is the most finely tuned and best performing GT500 on the planet !

Included with this upgrade is the all new and patented Steeda Coilover Suspension System, derived from over one year of research and development, that greatly enhances aggressive performance driving without detracting from ride quality.

Performance modifications made to the vehicle include:


* Steeda GT500 Pro-Flow Cold Air Intake

* Steeda /SCT Performance ECU Tune

* Steeda Upper Supercharger Pully


* Steeda Axle-Back Stainless Steel System


* Steeda 13" Rear Brake upgrade Kit

* Steeda 14" Slotted Front Rotors and upgraded pads


* Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter


* Steeda Coilover Suspension System

* Steeda Performance Alignment

* Steeda Billet Rear Lower Control Arms

* Steeda Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets

* Steeda Adjustable Panhard Bar

* Steeda Double Adjustable 3rd Link

* Steeda Competition Front Swaybar

* Steeda Billet Swaybar Mount Kit

* Steeda Competition Rear Swaybar

* Steeda Bumpsteer Kit - Product Link

* Steeda X5 Balljoints - Product Link

At an upgrade price of $13,995, the Steeda GT500 - simply the best performing and most exclusive GT500 available. Contact your local Steeda authorized dealer, call Steeda directly at 954-960-0774, or visit for more information.



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