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If you were hoping to buy something with C2-generation Corvette good looks tacked on to an incredible modern sports car chassis with Japanese reliability and conveniences, you are out of luck. The good news is that legendary coachbuilders Mitsuoka had you in mind as their target market. The bad news is that all 200 of these suckers are sold and you’re out of luck.


Mitsuoka announced about 4 months ago that it would be building the Rock Star, which is pretty much a Corvette-ish body added on to an existing ND-generation Miata. The company was using the new model to commemorate its 50th anniversary, and it looks like that campaign was 100% successful.


Despite the Rock Star being nearly twice as much as a new MX-5, priced right around $41,000, these things found a solid following among those with enough leftover cash to purchase one. It’s a distinctive look, and that’s sometimes worth all the money in the world.

I may need to keep an eye on these to import in 25 years time.

Once again, good job Mitsuoka.

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