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No, we don't know yet what Mitsubishi's bringing to Frankfurt (except this Sportback concept), but we do know more about their upcoming product strategy, courtesy of Edmunds Inside Line. According to David Schembri, Mitsu's executive vice president of sales and marketing, momentum that arguably started with the 2006 Eclipse coupe, and will continue later this year with the Dodge Dakota—based 2006 Raider pickup based on the Dodge Dakota, will roll on through the 2007 Eclipse Spider next spring as a 2007 model, followed by the new, larger and "more substantial" 2007 Outlander, and ending with a redesigned Lancer in 2007 and "revolutionary" new Evo X in 2008. Sound like enough momentum to keep the company solvent, lo these next three years? Maybe they need a steeper hill.

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