Mitsubishi's New Delica Concept Is Your Perfect Overlanding Dream Van

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Image: Mitsubishi

In just over a week, Mitsubishi will unveil something totally cool to the world at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The Delica D:5 is already a badass all wheel drive [with 4WD lock] van, but Mitsu has fitted it with a full suite of accessories to improve its off-roading capabilities.


A couple bash bars on the rockers, some mud flaps, and a heavy duty roof rack turn the van from a soft big boy into a ready-to-rock overlander. It’s still not going to climb any mountains or traverse rocky terrain, but give it a rutty fire road and it’ll excel.

Mitsubishi doesn’t say anything about suspension upgrades, sadly, but it should handle dirt and snow with ease. For the 2019 model year, the Delica is optional with a “clean” diesel engine and electric assist. The instant torque mixed with the durability and longevity of a diesel is a wise mix for any overlander. And as a hybrid, you can assuage some of your diesel particulate guilt.

This van has space for three rows of two chairs, making it the perfect size to live out your Instagram #VanLife fantasies on the weekends. You can start van blogging and become an influencer. Or at least you could, if the Delica D5 was available over here.

Mitsu is also showing off “Street Sport” versions of the Eclipse Cross and Outlander PHEV at Tokyo Auto Salon, but those aren’t as cool as the Delica, so what’s the use in talking about them?



I prefer the old one

Though if im honest, I would rather have a bigger van thats comfortable enough to live in, or something more off road worthy thats made more livable.  These just seem like they would be miserable to drive loaded like this.