Mitsubishi Tuner Gives UK "Super Evo" More Super Powers

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When it was released in the UK last year, Mitsubishi's Evo VIII MR FQ-400 stunned enthusiasts with its supercar-grade performance, 400hp emanating from a snippet of a 2.0-liter four and naught-to-60 times in the realm of switching on a cold lightbulb. Of course, at $83,000, the uber-Mitsubishi costs nearly five times that of a base-model Lancer — as if you could tell it's of the same species. Now, UK-based tuning shop, Turbo Dynamics is one-upping the minds of Mitsubishi. Working from the lesser Evo IX model, the company designed a turbocharger that adds 150hp to its 300 ponies, resulting in a 450hp monster that can best the FQ-400 for half the price. The upgrade will cost around $4,000 when it goes on sale, which, when added to the $40,000 or so an Evo IX, seems like a bargain — especially since only 100 FQ-400s were made.

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