Mitsubishi Lancer "Birds And Bees" Ad Touts Tired Innuendo-Laden Humor

Nothing says subversive and edgy like issuing a press release about how subversive and edgy your scandalous, innuendo-laden TV spot is for the new Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback.


The TV spot is centered around a comedic misinterpretation of the phrase "Dad, where do I come from." See, Dad thinks sonny-boy has asked him about the birds and bees, and thus busts out "the big talk" on the ride home. On the way, we're beaten over the head with innuendo-tastic images like a guy manning a jackhammer, dad imitating masturbation, a water fountain, and exploding fireworks. As the father-son duo pull into the driveway, sonny says something that we've interpreted as either "that's on cool Dad, cause Jimmy Johnson only comes from Scotland" or "Cuz Jimmy Jones and Arnie comes from Scotland." Whatever the case, we get the joke they were aiming at, but what kid this age doesn't know where they were born?

The combined power of a tired joke and mealy-mouthed kid delivering the punchline have us shaking our heads in disappointment. Jimmy Johnson only comes from Scotland indeed. The worst part? This press release accompanying the ad.


Mitsubishi’s latest TV ad only to be shown after 9 o’clock watershed
Light-hearted innuendo could be inappropriate for younger viewers
Never Too Shy To Turn Heads

Mitsubishi has never been shy of turning heads. Drive down any street and its distinctive products – like the new L200, Lancer Evolution X or the next generation Colt super mini – are sure to attract admiring glances from pedestrians or other road users. Even its vehicle names have caused a stir, such as the yes-it-does-mean-what-you-think ‘FQ’ badges to be found on the ‘very fast’ Lancer Evolution range.

Well, now its new TV advertising campaign due to be launched on Monday 9th February 2009 is set to attract attention as Clearcast, the company responsible for the pre-transmission examination and clearance of television advertisements, has not approved it to be shown on TV before the 9 o’clock watershed.

Where Did I Come From?

The campaign features a conversation between a young boy and his Dad as they take a drive in the stylish new Lancer. The boy simply asks “Where did I come from?”, which instantly sends his father into that place of fear and trepidation… how to explain the ‘birds and the bees’ to your child for the first time.

The rest of the advert focuses on the father’s description to his son from outside the car, but as they journey home progresses, each explanation inside the car is mirrored by events outside.

Lance Bradley, Mitsubishi’s Director of Sales and Marketing said that, “Clearcast thought that the light-hearted innuendo throughout the ad could be seen as inappropriate – especially for younger viewers. We are happy to have the TV ad shown after the 9 o’clock watershed and will also be making the ad available through our website at too.”



I thought Jimmy Johnson was from El Cajon!