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As is established by now, Mister Jalopy is quite the sage, pundit, and/or what-have-you. We once called, got his voicemail and were horrified to learn that his real name is not Mister Jalopy. Even Coop (his oftentime garage-saling partner) and his wife refer to him as such. However, so's not to horrendously spoil the illusion, we will not reveal it here. As we're being somewhat tangenital ourselves, we shall point you toward a rather tangenital post by the Hooptyrides man, which nevertheless, will make absolutely perfect sense to any of the three of you who actually get our H sker D and Minutemen references. It might even make this post seem sensible. Hopefully. God it's gonna suck for us when Gen-X is no longer a desirable demographic. We're gonna go call the Island of Misfit Toys' realtor now.

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