Missouri Mechanic Who Won $588 Million Powerball Lottery Wants 'A Red Camaro'

There were two winners in the record $587.5 million Powerball drawing. One of them was from Missouri.

He has just been identified, and is a mechanic from a small town. What does he want to do with his winnings? He wants a Camaro. A red one.


Mark and Cindy Hill from the tiny town of Dearborn, Missouri (Population: 500), hold one of the winning tickets to take half of the payout from the $588 million Jackpot. Mark is a 52-year old mechanic that works for Hillshire Farms and his wife Cindy was laid off in 2010.

The couple adopted a daughter from China five years ago and are now considering adopting again since they are a wee bit wealthier now.

They are also going to add something to the car stable: A red Camaro.


GM is going to be all over this. As our own Micki Maynard suggested, if they give the car to him for free, he'll still have to pay taxes on it.

We're willing to bet he can afford it.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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