When you finally give up on your hopeless LeMons Fiero and decide to upgrade to a more reliable machine, what do you choose? Do we even need to ask that question?

The Chicken & Waffles team, comprised entirely of what LeMons Supreme Court Justice Jonny Liebermen refers to as "the two most useless life forms on Earth: journalists and PR flacks," wasn't going to show up at American Irony in a boring E30 or Supra. No, they figured that damn near anything would be an upgrade from a Fiero, which means they went with the only logical choice: 1987 Volkswagen Quantum Syncro Wagon!


Strangely, the Quantum has been getting around the track very well; not much power, but enough grip in the corners that the drivers can keep the hammer down at all times. No black flags, no mechanical problems. At this point, the team— which includes Car And Driver hack Mike Austin, Automobile hack Phil Floraday, Ford flack Patrick Hespen, regular working stiff David Furchak and Cadillac flack Nick Twork— appears to have the edge on the Index Of Effluency, and perhaps even a long-shot hope for the overall win. Will their car blow up, as most LeMons Audis do, or will the miracle continue? We'll know by 5:30 PM tonight!