Mio Moov Provides GPS, Only GPS

Mio is relatively new and unknown to the GPS scene with its Moov line of navigation units, but it is certainly coming in on a high note. Mio recently unveiled the Moov 200, 210, 300 and 310 navigation units. Most importantly to be noted is that Mio is dropping everything not relating to navigation from the units. So yes, these units will not include an MP3 player, photo viewer, e-book reader, games, or any of that other garbage that other GPS navigation manufacturers use to clog up their devices and give an excuse to release new units.

The four new units sell for $179, $199, $229 and $249. The 210 and 310 include one free year of the Mio Traffic Messaging Channel that provides real-time traffic information and details. Bravo, Mio, for taking a step in the right direction for GPS navigation units. [Mio via Ubergizmo]


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