Here's a rare event, a perfect, Bellatrix Yellow 1967 Toyota 2000GT has come up for sale, one of only sixty-two left-hand-drive examples to enter the US. Asking price? $375,000. Who says Japanese cars don't have value for collectors?

The car is featured on Bring A Trailer, which regularly stokes our old car buying fantasies but has significantly upped our awareness of how painfully empty our pocket books are. The 2000GT was originally imported to the states as one of sixty-two but was shipped back to Japan in the 80's to spend a few decades in a collectors possession. It was repurchased by a US collector and is now up for sale again here with a darn respectable 61,000 miles on the clock. Even though it's got more miles than most collector cars, it's in perfect condition with light wear and a clockwork-operating 2.0-liter, 150 HP inline-6, this is a car that's had a proper life so far. It's also one of the few highly collectible Japanese cars ever built, which explains the $375,000 asking price causing our noses to bleed.

How much do kidneys go for these days? [Bring A Trailer]