Mini-Tumbler Built Presumably For Mini-Batman

Hold onto your Batarangs kids, cause a fab-dork uber alles is selling plans for a mini-Tumbler. Now you can pretend to "build it for your kids" and then wear your Batman costume while driving it around the neighborhood.

There are so many stupid things you can do with this mini-Tumbler, and just think of all the Mini-Me/Batman crossover jokes you can make. Seriously, this is going to make Shriners parades reach a whole new level of surreal hilarity. We can envision wolf packs of these little monsters terrorizing the streets and the 911 calls from confused whitebread suburbanites. This is the kind of thing we want to play with for a while, but couldn't overcome the nerdshame to actually own one. (hanks for the tip Ariel ) [eBay Listing]



That whole lack of reverse thing could be fixed with a tighter turning ratio.