Mini Thinks Microsoft Is A Bad Word

Perhaps the Mini marketeers made a mistake, got Vista on their new machines, and they're tired of clicking allow boxes all day. Or perhaps they're just a den of pot-smoking hippies with Macs. Whatever the case, they've declared the Microsoft "flying windows" logo a swear. The latest update to the Mini website has a car attempting to parallel park and, upon failing, uttering a string of curses which includes the famous logo. Of course, the brave and valiant Mini swoops in and makes short work of the small space. But still, it probably reeks of patchouli and sleeps on its parent's couch until noon.

We'd also like to point out the Mini only comfortably fits in the spot after the other car hits the truck and pushes it back. In fact, the Mini fits in the original space about as comfortably as the bigger car fits in the enlarged space. Sweet crap, we didn't just spend the time to figure that out, did we?


[Kremers Stuff]

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