Mini Taunts Porsche With Hilarious Rocky IV Spoof

Mini challenges Porsche to a race. Porsche says no. Mini says oh, c'mon!. Porsche says nothing. And now the people at Mini make the 911 out to be Ivan Drago in this hilarious Rocky IV spoof. 80's montage FTW!

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H.A.R.B. (formerly two wheels are enough)

Napoleon complex, anyone?

Seriously Mini, stop trying to be something you're not. Your cars are small, nimble, and fun to drive, but they're not powerhouses and they're not track stars. Your marketing department has had some clever ideas in the past, but this is not one of them. Porsche is being the bigger company and not responding to your taunts, but I have no doubt that even a base Boxster could beat a Cooper S around almost any track out there.