Mini Made A Tron-Like Car Because It's What The People Wanted

Illustration for article titled Mini Made A iTron/i-Like Car Because Its What The People Wanted

Mini has decided it needs a lot of help selling the 2014 Mini Cooper, which is odd considering we thought they did a good job redesigning it. They asked people to make ads, which were odd. Good thing the special edition poll turned out better.


"DeLux" by college sophomore Alex Coyle won the online poll Mini conducted earlier this year. It's cool, and looks like a Tron prop. And what a coincidence, because the car from Tron:Legacy made our list of best futuristic movie cars. That means this special edition Mini will be a hit.

Mini says up to 56 of Coyle's special edition will be available for order on, but one will be on display starting next week at the New York Auto Show.


Photo: Mini

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Dagnabbit people! This is why we can't have nice things!

(Although if you check the most downloaded liveries in any Forza game, you'll find this isn't much of a surprise :/ )