MINI John Cooper F1 Special Edition In Works For MINI United

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For the 50th anniversary of John Cooper's first Formula One car, MINI's releasing a very limited edition MINI JCW F1 Special Edition featuring a unique aerokit, F1 badging and the fun 211 HP JCW drivetrain.

What was previously just a rumor has now grown some legs according to the MotoringFile. They're reporting that the new limited edition was spotted on the Oxford Plant line this past week in pre-production form. The MINI JCW F1 SE will feature such distinguishing features as a non-metallic British Racing Green painted exterior with a Pepper White roof and matching mirrors along with the aforementioned badging and aerokit.


At this point, we're not sure if we'll receive the MINI JCW F1 SE in the States, but if we do, it'll likely be in extremely limited numbers as there are only expected to be 50-100 built for the entire world. Expectation is we'll see this new special edition unveiled at the MINI United event at the end of next month. [via MotoringFile]

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Because the world needs more special edition cars (as a Mustang fan I am hanging my head right now... Wait a second, screw that the Mustang is badass and I want every one)