Mini Gets In On Some Of That Hot Anthony Weiner Action

Anthony Weiner, for those who don't know, is a man running for Mayor of New York City. Anthony Weiner, for those who don't know, is also a man with a very serious problem. Good thing, then, that we have the fine folks at Mini around to mock him on the Internet.

We don't need to get into all the gory details of Anthony Weiner's Very Serious Problem, but the one thing you do need to know is that he was having lascivious conversations with lascivious pictures over various social media sites like Formspring. That's not the most important part, though. The most important part was that he was using the pseudonym "Carlos Danger." Why "Carlos Danger" is a good question, especially as there are so many other good names in the world.

No matter, though, as Mini has created a Twitter account with the handle @CarlosDMotor just to create much better ads than anybody else right now:

Right now there's only that one Tweet, and the account only has 89 followers, including me. Maybe if we all add a few more, they can make a few more. Something about this scandal should never die down.

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