Mini Ends WRC Program So They Can Focus On Building Bloated Crap

Hey, remember when we were all excited that Mini was going back to WRC and how it was going be like Paddy Hopkirk in the swinging '60s? Yeah, dreams sometimes die. Mini is pulling support for its one factory team.


Fortunately for everyone else, the WRC supported Team Portugal long enough and through every event so that it would be homologated and thus allow non-factory teams to campaign the cars as they see fit. Good on Mini.

But bad on Mini for abandoning it so soon. When we said the JCW Countryman was a sign that the brand had lost its way, a big defense was that they still have the rally program and this car is directly related.

Well, so much for that. Maybe they can send one to Global RallyCross?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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