Mini Cooper Countryman Gets Base Price Of $22,350

Illustration for article titled Mini Cooper Countryman Gets Base Price Of $22,350

Mini let slip a few Countryman pricing details at yesterday's press launch for 2011 models. The big news? The four-door Cooper will start at a base price of $22,350 — only $550 more than the equivalent Clubman. [MotoringFile]



GeckoDeLimon got 99 problems but his MR2 ain't one

I'm probably going to get disemvoweled for this, but...

I like it. In profile like that, the nose is a little too Dodge, but otherwise, I like it.

Give me a list of other 4-door haulers that get decent gas mileage, have a high-quality interior and handle decently. There aren't many in that price segment. My daughter is 11 and already 5'3". Wedging her in the back of my coupe is starting to become a hassle for all of us.