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What can you say about a million dollar car that tries to kill people while others are watching, other than "Get get me John Carpenter and Hal Needham, stat." The 806-hp Koenigsegg CCX is gaining that kind of reputation, though no one's been killed and no Koenigseggs have shown up on Wrecked Exotics yet. Still, on an episode of "Top Gear" you'll recall, a CCX tried to at least maim the Stig, though Stiggy struck back after the company slapped on a wing to turn in the fastest time ever on the BBC show's test track. Now, a guy in Norway got his arse rotated by an angry CCX, which had the wing. Wing or no, the K-egg is obviously not to be trifled with in front of an audience.

Dude, you just spun your Koenigsegg [MotorAuthority]

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