Miller Brewing Employees Successfully Invest In Buick GNX

In 1987, the Miller Beer Company employee investment pool bought a Buick GNX and stored it away. It has 9.7 miles on the odometer, original tires, all window stickers and production marks. Now it's for sale: $95,000 asking price.

Few cars have been as fetishized as the Buick GNX, the ASC McLaren modified Regal with performance said to meet or exceed the capabilities of the Corvette at the time. This example has never been plated, never been on the road, never even had an oil change. Heck, it's still got the air put in the tires at the factory. In the ensuing 22 years of storage, the investment club has seen its foresight rewarded, as the value of the car has gone up considerably from the original $29,290 transaction price. They're selling it now for more than triple that cost, with an asking price of $95,000. An eye-watering sum, but we're betting someone out there's got that kind of Darth Vader money for it. [Craigslist]


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