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Miley Cyrus Flew To Australia In A Unicorn Onesie

Illustration for article titled Miley Cyrus Flew To Australia In A Unicorn Onesie

Superstar singer Miley Cyrus is known for some pretty outlandish wardrobe choices on stage, but she flew into Sydney, Australia last night, wearing a light blue unicorn onesie and Nike flip flops.


She also carried a large pink stuffed seahorse. You can't really blame someone for wanting to dress comfortably on a long plane flight. I'm assuming she had flown in from LAX, which has a flight time to Sydney at nearly 14.5 hours. It's also a pretty good bet that she sat in First Class, so why couldn't she have put her jammies on after takeoff? And if you're looking to fly under the radar as a celebrity at the airport, maybe don't dress as a brightly-colored mythical creature.


Top photo via @CapitalOfficial / Twitter

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If she wanted to fly under the radar, she would have flown Malaysian!


I'm sad now :(