Mighty Bugatti Veyron slowed down by speed bumps

The Bugatti Veyron is a modern wonder. It is screamingly fast, it is magnificently well-controlled, it is ridiculously expensive. As the video amply shows, though, it is also all but incapable of handling speed bumps.


Seen outside the Shamshabad International Airport in Hyderabad, India, this Veyron is reduced to a mere crawl by several inches of rising asphalt. The miniscule ground clearance that helps prevent the car from lifting off at high speeds also necessitates a painfully slow crab-like crossing of bumps that almost any other vehicle would take in stride.

A top speed of 240 mph is small consolation when you're in danger of being passed by an auto rickshaw.

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YankBoffin hoons a BRZ

I'm surprised the active suspension doesn't have a "speed-bump mode" that increases ride height for just such situations. In fact, I really thought it did have such a function but am too lazy to verify.