Microsoft Sync Gets Unboxed in the 2008 Ford Focus SE: Part 1 of 3

You've seen the commercials, but really, how easy is the Microsoft Sync in-car entertainment system to use? I decided to give Sync an unboxing, similar to the ones our brethren do. I'll give you a hint how it went: Don't get your hopes up. This is only Part One of a three-part series, in which I'll wrestle with the technological gods and attempt to achieve success with Microsoft Sync. Stay tuned later this week for my attempts to set everything up and provide a full blown review. A correction to the video: Sync DOES work with a wide variety of MP3 players and cellphones, not just the Microsoft-branded Zune. You can consult for a list of all compatible gadgets.

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The extra knobs and wiring are to confuse the unwary, and befuddle them into thinking these 'features' are 'added value'.