Michigan State Police Line Advertises Sex Line, 1-800-HOT-COPS?

Residents of Bridgeport, Michigan, recently got an unusual response when they called the local state police post. Instead of getting an answer from a dispatcher, callers heard a recorded message prompting residents to "Indulge yourself with the most exciting conversation imaginable," followed by the number for a phone sex line. Unless you're suffering from priapism, a phone sex line isn't exactly what you want to hear in an emergency. The phones have been fixed, but the state police have had to admit that the illicit prompt wasn't the fault of the phone company.

According to Sergeant Alan Renz, this is an "internal issue that has nothing to do with the phone company." Oops. An investigation is under way to determine why someone working at the police post decided to route calls to the hottest singles in the Bridgeport area. (Thanks to DIW for the tip) [AP via WXYZ-TV]


(photo: the-op.com)

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