Michigan Senate Acknowledges 'Talk Like A Pirate Day'

A'vast me fellow matey! Cast aside 'ye dire issues at hand and come aboard! It's time the state of Michigan recognizes what is indeed the most important day of days! Aaargghh, or whatever.


Citing reason to give the holiday "the recognition it truly deserves," state Sen. Roger Kahn wore an eye patch Wednesday, stood up at the microphone in the Senate chamber, and offered a resolution for the state to goddamn finally acknowledge the international holiday of the utmost importance.

About time.

The holiday is celebrated annually on September 19 and gained fast exposure after a syndicated columnist mentioned the two goofs that thought the entire thing up back in 2002. (You could read more on the website here.)

More from Kahn:

As ITLPD has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon, it is appropriate for the state of Michigan to formally acknowledge this holiday and grant it the recognition it truly deserves. As a Great Lakes state, one of Michigan’s main duties must be promoting worthy maritime initiatives.

As a Great Lakes state whose school districts are struggling; whose major city is so broke it could be forced to leverage assets to pay down debt in the event of a municipal bankruptcy; and one with multiple cities under the control of appointed emergency financial managers who have sweeping powers that has created a legal circus act here — Kahn felt it was a duty for us, as a state, to acknowledge that pirates are people, too.


It is a main duty, as talking like a pirate is a "worthy" maritime initiative.

ITLPD would give Michiganders who feel a strong connection to our Great Lakes an opportunity to properly celebrate beloved maritime activities, past and present; now, therefore, be it.


Michiganders who feel a strong connection to the Great Lakes probably — they just might! — feel it's a better initiative to ensure the lakes are taken care of properly.

Whatever Kahn's reasoning may be aside, this is the kind of thing that riles people up who think politicians aren't productive beings that do work for the people. Advocates for a part-time legislature love this kind of shit.


But, as Kahn notes: Guys, c'mon, it is an international holiday after all.

(Youtube video of Kahn addressing the chamber regarding the passed resolution)



I'm ok with this. Not because of his political party, or because I think that ITLPD is an awesome day, but because people need to have fun. Sure, there are pressing issues here in Michigan, sure this is not one of them, but taking a bit of time to be human and have fun is crucial. At my work we have deadlines, important issues, problems that need to be solved to save the company millions of dollars and the like, but we also take a bit of time to relax and have a laugh. So instead of taping 2 iPhones to an R/C Hummer and face-timing those to 2 iPads to create your own moon rover, Senator Kahn threw on an eye patch and had a little fun. Is that such a bad thing? At least he's not trying to listen in on all of pirate phone calls.

Also, I really hope his main rival in the Michigan senate stood up and yelled "KAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!" after his proposal.