Michelle Krebs Says The Best Offense Is A Good...Saturn?

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Edmunds's very own (for who knows how long before she takes a book deal or something) Michelle Krebs has done some serious market data analysis of the General's Saturn brand. Krebs thinks the brand's going to be doing something pretty amazing for the General — something they've been unable to do so far with any of their other badges, and something Saturn was supposed to be doing from the beginning — conquest sales of foreign automakers. She's already been right about one thing for the completely Opel-ized brand — it had an increase in February sales of 50% month-to-month from last year. Actually, they had a 59.5% increase. Only time's going to tell if she's right about Saturn "getting on the shopping lists of potential buyers and converting lookers into buyers like never before." But well, I think I just saw some pigs flying outside of the window here, so you never know.

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