Michael Waltrip Wants You to Be the Next Great Stock Car Driver

Do your fingers tingle every time you pop the hood? The folks at PEAK understand – they love cars almost as much as you do. And they’d like to reward you for caring so much about your car by, oh, just a little thing like helping you become the next great stock car driver by training alongside the likes of Danica Patrick and that old cutup Michael Waltrip.

Enter the Stock Car Dream Challenge contest by sending a 90-second video showing why you think you’re the next Stock Car Star. Not a Harlem Shake deal, just a short that shows off why you’re the best driver in the known universe. If you’re chosen, you and nine other drivers will be flown to Charlotte to compete in a three-day driving school, coached by Clint Bowyer, Danica Patrick, and Mikey himself. You could be chosen as the best driver, which means that might make you 1) Michael Waltrip’s one-time driving pal, and 2) the potential owner of a temporary stock car racing license. (That will come in handy if you are chosen and get to take a PEAK stock car around the loop in an attempt at qualifying for an actual race.)


Or go the sweepstakes route and sign up for a chance to win a 2013 Toyota Tundra (the kind of truck that can tow the Space Shuttle, people), a trip for two to Daytona to watch a real stock car race at the Michael Waltrip VIP Racing Experience this summer, a chance to drive in the Richard Petty Driving Experience, or some good ol’ PEAK products.

Be a driving legend in someone’s mind other than your own – get in front of the camera and enter PEAK’s Stock Car Dream Challenge now.

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