Michael Schumacher’s "P***y Magnet Yellow" Bugatti

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Michael Schumacher's one-off "P***y Magnet Yellow" rare Bugatti EB 110 is for sale on James List for just $745,000. Schumi's chick-getter is the only extra-powerful EB 110 SS equipped with the luxurious GT interior.


Released in 1992, the SS version of the Bugatti EB 110 used a 603 HP version of the quad-turbo 3.5-liter V12. Michael purchased his in 1994, the year of his first world championship. The purchase created a huge amount of publicity for Bugatti, but that wasn't enough to save the ailing supercar maker, which sold its rights to VW in 1998.

Other than the Schumacher ownership, this vehicle's history is a touch unclear. James List claims its never been driven, but Schumacher was said to drive the car and there's even talk of it having been crashed at some point during his ownership. The F1 driver hung on to the car until 2003 when he sold it to Modena Motorsport, a German Ferrari specialist.

Only 31 SS and 95 of the less powerful GT EB 110s were ever made and only one, this one, created with SS mechanicals and the GT's leather interior. [James List via WCF]



This is a prefect example of "she may not be a looker, but she is beautiful at heart." That v-12 is so hot i kind of feel like a perv clicking on the pictures.