Michael Schumacher Rides Ducati At Valencia, Throws Down Stellar Lap Time

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Schumi's got to have one of the busiest retirements we've ever seen. When the seven-time Formula One winner's not testing the 599 GTB on the Nordschleife, or spending time as the consigliere to the Ferrari F1 team, he's apparently having a go at other forms of racing. Like this past weekend when the legend of the prancing stallion brand took off two of his wheels to take some laps during a special guest ride on Casey Stoner's world championship-winning Ducati in Valencia. Although Schumacher's no stranger to MotoGP, he rode a 990cc Desmosedici at the Mugello circuit in Italy back in 2005, one still wouldn't expect the German F1 star-of-stars to have times approaching that of a MotoGP winner. Wrong. Schumacher completed 58 laps, including a fastest lap time of one minute, 37.89 seconds. That's just over five seconds outside Dani Pedrosa's new lap record, which the Spaniard set in winning the Valencia MotoGP on Sunday. Want to know what made Bo Jackson's Schumi's time so amazing? Hit the jump to find out.


What makes his time all the more impressive was that Mikey wasn't even using super powerful carbon brakes. The F1 star instead decided to run steel brakes normally used in MotoGP in the rain because, you know, he enjoys the challenge. Schumacher insisted he had no desire to compete in a MotoGP race in the future — but we're thinking one should never say never! We're just waiting to see when he decides to jump into a Nastruck. (Hat tip to GT!) [news.com.au]

Photo Credit: Superbikeplanet

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