Michael Jackson's Funeral Procession Sponsored By Land Rover, Rolls Royce Dealer

The shameless commercialization of Michael Jackson's death continues as Land Rover Encino's providing Range Rovers and Rolls Royces to the Jackson family for the day's transport. Free product placement all day.

According to paparazzi machine TMZ, the cars have been provided to the Jackson family for the entire day, free of charge. It's a case of thinly veiled product placement as family and other celebrities will use the vehicles to travel to both Forest Lawn cemetery for his funeral service and LA's Staples Center for the much-hyped memorial service. Stay tuned to every single 24 hour news network for constant updates. [TMZ]


Rolling in style to the grave with the help of handouts, as always.


And make sure to include the URL...


Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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