Miata Vs. 18-Wheeler Crash Ends Way Better Than It Could Have

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The Mazda Miata: the answer to everything, except maybe being the ideal vehicles for getting into crashes with 18-wheelers. Or is it? One Philadelphia-area mother and daughter fared way better than you’d expect after their little roadster got hit by a very large truck.


NBC Philadelphia reports that Cathrenia Moening and her mother Nahlin Duka admitted they were shocked to be alive after their Miata ended up underneath a UPS truck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Monday afternoon.

Here’s how this went down: as they were driving on the Turnpike, the UPS truck changed lanes from the center to the right but didn’t see the Miata. The crash ended with the Miata underneath the truck, which, for anyone who drives a smaller-ish car, is absolutely terrifying.


Rescuers worked for nearly two hours to get Moening because she was pinned by her legs, the TV station reported. They ended up having to cut a good portion of the Miata off just to free her.

“When they did they took the roof off and I looked up,” Moening said. “And I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m under the truck!’”

Which is news nobody wants to hear.

Luckily, neither woman was seriously injured, though Moening remains in the hospital under evaluation. They’re just grateful they’re still alive.


Check out NBC Philadelphia for video of the rescue.

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Glad they’re okay, but this folks, is why you don’t linger next to a semi truck or pass on the right.