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MG TF Web Site Launched

Illustration for article titled MG TF Web Site Launched

For people whose glass is always half full. And who don't stick a toe in the water; they jump right on in. For free thinkers. And free expression. And self-starters. And absolutely everyone with a lust for life. People who leap straight out of bed, first thing they put on is a smile. Who dare to try something different. And it's exactly those nincompoops who will first buy a Chinese-built MG roadster. (Okay, we added that last sentence.) That first part is from a glimmering section of ad copy found on the MG TF website — that is, the site announcing the relaunch of the MG TF by new owner, China's Nanjing Motors. No matter that the TF's internals are as old as Prince William's, we hear Lotus has been consulting with Nanjing to update its engines and other mechanicals. And according to reports, the company has designs on the US, where the last MG model limped shoreward from a rusty scupper during the late Carter Administration. More thrills and spills to come. [MG UK via AutoExpress]


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Here is a reminder why one should not buy ChiCom made cars, or more accurately car shaped products.