MG Not Returning To US Anytime Soon

Plans to bring that most iconic of British sports car names back to the US market have fallen through once again, reports Automotive News. Nanjing, now Shanghai Automotive, has scrapped plans to both import MG-TFs from England and to build them in Oklahoma from knock-down kits shipped from China. British website Austin Rover Online quotes Gary Hagen, marketing director for MG, as saying, "The U.S.A. isn't on the short-term radar as an anticipated market for us. Regarding the Oklahoma plant, Hagen simply said, "The deal fell through." Yep, head to K-Mart for a quart of Bondo, 'cause that B is gonna have to get you through another decade.The lack of US market plans hasn't stopped MG from moving forward, however, as the reopened British factory in Longbridge began turning out new MG-TFs this week in preparation for a 500-unit production run. MG claims to have plans to replace the TF with a new roadster and add a couple more models in the near future. As long as the deal doesn't, you know, "fall through." [Automotive News; (Sub. Req.)]


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