Mercedes To Unveil Exciting New Autonomous Egg-Car Concept

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In the future, we will all own giant eggs, and the eggs will drive themselves. Maybe. That's what could happen if the vision of tomorrow set to be unveiled by Mercedes-Benz at next month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas comes true.

No details on this autonomous concept car have been revealed yet, save for this shadowy teaser image Mercedes put on Facebook yesterday. But we do know they've been testing an autonomous car with a very similar silhouette in recent months, so whatever this car is, it's more than just a fancy display model.


Mercedes has arguably been the leader in autonomous vehicle technology in recent years, testing an S-Class that drove 100 kilometers all by itself (with a dude behind the wheel just in case, obviously) in Germany last year.

They also recently showed off an "Interior of the Future" for an autonomous vehicle at the TecDay event in California, one that had a fancy coffee table and chairs that face each other inside the cabin. I wouldn't be at all shocked if that interior is the one inside this upcoming concept car. In fact, it probably is.


I tried to crank the shadows down a bit on the teaser image, but it didn't reveal much. We'll find out what they have in store next week.