Mercedes To Release Extra Long S-Class, Probably Will Be Called Maybach

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According to a report from Bloomberg, Mercedes-Benz plans to release an embiggened version of it's flagship S-Class, and it might be called Maybach. Mercedes will also release a Pullman edition of the S-Class which will be a whopping 21 feet long.

It's all part of Mercedes-Benz's strategy to move the S-Class upmarket with both the demise of the Maybach brand, and the introduction of the entry-level CLA. The Maybach version will debut this November, and will be an longer wheelbase version of the already spacious S-Class. Just a guess, but I imagine Rick Ross is rather pleased by this news.


If you want the top of the line S-Class, you're going to need to hold out for the gigantic Pullman which will seat 4 passengers in the back facing each other and will be 21 feet long. That's 16 inches longer than a Rolls Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase, and nearly 10 feet longer than a Fiat 500.

For the heads of state, and the cults of personality that will inevitably want to roll around in the Pullman, armor will be available to the tune of about $1 Million. No word if Mercedes is going to resurrect the ultra-badass 6-door 600 Pullman, but they're clearly trying to capture that car's spirit.


Rolls-Royce and Bentley have just been put on notice.