Mercedes SLS Fastest Car Shot In 3D At 162 MPH

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Take a pair of 563-hp Mercedes SLS AMG sports cars, combine with two racing drivers, add a bunch of 3D cameras and you've got a 3D film shot at 162 mph. Here's the 2D trailer.


Mercedes hooked up with Sky's 3D channel to shoot what seems like an expensive advertising piece around the Isle of Man TT course. Throw in the cost of ex-F1 star David Coulthard and rally driver Robbie Head and it's probably a bit more money, but also a bit more fun. It premiers this weekend in England, though we're sure every Mercedes dealer in the world will have a copy in their showrooms before too long.


We're not sure how they qualified this as being the "world's fastest 3D film," but Gullwing doors in 3D? Awesome.

(Hat tip to LuckyChuck!)


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I guess Mercedes figured that 3 minutes of 3D awesome was all our poor little brains could handle.