It looks like McLaren and Mercedes are completing one last project before making their break-up official (we haven't read it on our Facebook feed yet). The Mercedes McLaren SLR Speedster was recently spotted testing at the Nurburgring, looking fine in its razzle dazzle camouflage, but, the Mercedes SLC is out there too, planning to make both the slow-selling SLR and the sexy R8 obsolete in one fell swoop. What we should expect from the SLR Speedster, as well as video of its 'ring run after the jump.


The McLaren SLR Speedster, scheduled for a July 30th debut, will be 440 lb lighter than the hardtop and be limited to just 75 units. Expect the blow-out special SLR Speedster to outperform the SLR with a near 220mph top speed, but also expect the SLC to blow that figure out of the water courtesy of an impossibly powerful supercharged engine. Video of the Speedster testing on the ring below.

[via Bridge to Gantry]

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