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Yesterday we saw a very heavily camouflaged Mercedes SL Black Series running around the roads in northern Germany. Well, the quick-to-snap shooters at KGP have one-upped those shots by getting us some not-as-much-camouflaged shots of the same Mercedes SL Black tester as the car left the Mercedes workshops and headed over to the Nürburgring to get some laps in. Although we've still no idea what's under the bonnet, some have mentioned the CLK63 AMG's 6.3-liter 500 HP V8 as a possible choice. One thing's for sure is this ain't your father's SL — it looks more like it was designed for the father of this guy we've heard about named Luke from Tatooine. The spy report from KGP below the jump.

The unclad prototype shows off some of the front-end styling of the facelifted SL spotted two months ago in Death Valley, but the extreme styling elements of this model set it apart in grand fashion. Air management is apparently a big priority for the SL Black Series, with the vented hood, and deep front bumper intakes which lead to extraction ducts behind the front wheel flares.

The hugely flared fenders are likely created with ultra-light carbon fibre, to reduce weight and to accommodate this car's enormous wheels and tires. The roof on this SL has been converted into a fixed coupe roof, also crafted in carbon fibre to lower the Black Series' center of gravity and further reduce weight.

Judging from the sculpting on the car's rear deck lid, the large rear wing standing tall on this test car actually appears to be retractable, allowing for smoother lines when speeds allow. I'm sure that most drivers of a car like this Black Series will appreciate a break from the Fast and the Furious rear wing treatment when they're rolling up to the valet. But more than any SL that has come before, this prototype is more about extreme performance than it is about slick curb appeal.